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Oak Cliff, Texas - Dec. 25, 2013

It was so, so cold, but spectators filled Dealey Plaza and paid their respects to President Kennedy in downtown Dallas today as part of the city’s official ceremony for the 50th anniversary of his assassination here. Get any kind of coverage you’d want about JFK — stories, videos, photos, interactives, share streams, and even our JFK documentary — at JFK50.com.
(Photo: Louis DeLuca/Dallas Morning News)

Here is my latest piece for the Dallas Observer for a column written by Jim Schutze. It’s for article on how Dallas doesn’t really take advantage of their water front. So a few designers in Dallas and a consultant in Vancouver got together to launch a competition for designs to connect downtown with the Trinity River. At the same time, Government agencies are making their own pitches, but each one has to do with building an eight lane super highway along the water front. The essay in the end suggested that the idea of a parkway/super highway will not move beyond being just an idea. Art Direction: Tracie Louck
Read about it here: Let’s build a road on the river, not a wall.

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Sign on Barton Springs road… Austinites smh 
The only thing we love more than Odd Future is infographics. Well, not really, but both are pretty great. (via Central Track // Kill ‘Em.)

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Something's On Jermaine Jackson's Scalp and It's a Mystery



I need yall to read the comments. Do yourself that favor. My readers have become some of my fave things about the internet because they lack ALL sense. Someone said "It’s a sadness texturizer with a desperation pomade, all held together with a self-hatred hairspray." I DON DIE!


I literally hollered through this whole article.

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